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Professor Ninja Capoeira Angola Palmares Paraiba

Ola meus amigos! 

Aqui agradeço a todos vocês que me ajudaram a conquistar o espaço da nossa academia. 


Muito obrigado a todos que se esforçaram e contribuiram para essa conquista.


O Brasil e a casa do professor Ninja está de portas a bertas para vocês.


Gratidão a todos!

Me sinto muito acolhido por cada um e sinto que cada dia que passa nossos vínculos famílias só aumentam. 




Capoeira na roda, capoeira na vida. 


Mestre Nô

Mestre Nozinho

Professor Ninja


Família Palmares

River Homelink

I was unable to obtain permission from the parents to send you the quality photos from the event. I do however have a video and some poor quality cellphone photos that I will attach to this email. Perhaps they will be useful to you. Here is the link to the video as it is too large to send in this email:


Here is my review:


I am the parent of two students who attend River Homelink, a homeschooling/alternative learning program for grades K-12, that is located in Battle Ground, WA. My children attend courses entitled, Exploring Arts and Culture (EAC), which engages them in research based activities and projects that explore various cultures and communities. Our particular group of students range in grades from 1-8. Each quarter, the students study a different culture or community and although only my two older children are officially enrolled, my two younger children participate in the classes and activities on a regular basis.


Earlier this year, we began a new unit on the history and culture of Brazil. The parents and teachers were interested in learning more about the traditional Brazilian dance, Capoeira, so I reached out to David with I inquired about the availability of having a group (or just 1-2) dancers visiting our classroom to do a demonstration for us.


From the very beginning, David, impressed me with his promptness and professionalism. In fact, he gave me his personal number so that we would be able to communicate easily over the telephone to arrange a visit to our classroom. I only had a vague notion of what to expect which was mainly based on a handful of YouTube videos I had viewed in class with my children.


I kept in contact with David via email and text up until the day of the event and was always pleasantly surprised by his prompt and polite replies. Not one time did I feel that I was bothering him. David’s confidence and knowledge put me at ease and allowed me to prepare properly for his visit. I was also able to pass on this knowledge to the teacher and other parents so that we would all know what to expect.


When the day arrived for his visit, David arrived on time and brought his own instruments (we had trouble securing our own tambourines for the large group of students) and a speaker for the background music. It was evident that he had thought about what he was going to be demonstrating and put in extra effort and time to make this a quality learning experience for all the students.


After a brief introduction to both the dance and himself, he efficiently moved all of the students into a circle and began teaching. It was joy to watch him interact with each and every student. It was more than evident that David both had a passion for the dance as well as a talent and dedication to the craft. He spent time with each and every student to ensure that they understood what they were learning and why. If a student was struggling with a particular aspect, David was quick to suggest a modification that would allow the student to perform and not be embarrassed.


As a parent of young children, I was particularly appreciative of the fact that he included everyone in the demonstration. In fact I had even brought my 3 year old niece who was constantly wanting to be in the middle of the dance. Instead of yelling or pushing her out of the way, he made sure she was able to participate without getting hurt and even got down on her level to help her understand how to move like the bigger children around her. She couldn’t stop talking about the dance for several days after the presentation.


Several parents in attendance were so impressed with the demonstration that they requested more information. David happily provided the time and location of the weekly free event that they could bring their entire families to. It was no surprise, then, when my four children came home from the presentation and pressured their dad into watching them perform what they had learned and made him join in.


We really cannot express how much we are thankful to David for taking the time to meet with all of us. We all appreciate his time and generosity in the midst of so many students in attendance. He helped set the tone for the term and it is undoubtly a highlight of our Brazilian unit. Thank you so much!

Reviews from folks taking beginner session through ClassPass, Who have left a review on that site.

  • "Really unique and fun if you're feeling up for something adventurous. It was my first martial arts class."

Testimonial for Capoeira Angola Palmares - (Morrison Child & Family Services) PASO During the President Obama administraion

My name is Daniela Jimenez, and I am the Education Assistant for the Morrison Child & Family Services. Keegan, Denali, and David very graciously donated two afternoons to visiting a very special and unusual place— PASO, a residential facility and school for unaccompanied minors from Mexico and Central America, who are in the United States without legal immigration status, and who have been deemed “risky” by the Federal Government. They are often victims of the Drug War on the U.S. Mexico border, or fleeing from gang violence and recruitment in their home countries. It is an all-male facility, and the boys range in ages from 14 to 17 years old.


As one might imagine, they are often reticent to participate in activities, displaying all kinds of disgruntled, angry behavior. Capoeira, however, has been an incredibly positive force in the program’s attempts to provide meaningful and novel experience for these young men during their stay in our care. We were very lucky to allow the three capoeiristas to come and give a demonstration. We are a secure facility, which means that staff and volunteers alike need to have criminal background checks, and as such, visitors are rare. We are so grateful to Capoeira Angola Palmares for their time and energy, and are looking forward to continuing to work with them more in the future.




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Blair Adornado - Mt. Scott Learning Center PPS Charter

MSLC fb post about Capoeira Angola Palmares


An afternoon elective this quarter is allowing a group of Mt. Scott students to experience Capoeira, the Brazilian martial art that combines elements of dance, acrobatics and music. David Allison of Angola Palmares of FoPo is teaching students this centuries-old art, which is known for quick and complex moves, using mainly power, speed, and leverage for a wide variety of kicks, spins, and highly mobile techniques.

“David and his sons have guided students through challenging rhythms and moves and intense discipline,” says Mt. Scott teacher Blair Adornato. “The power of Capoeira has been cultivated through encouragement and validation. Students leave the room feeling accomplished. They know they've been pushed out of their comfort zone and can feel themselves getting stronger, both physically and mentally. The class provides structure and routine, while also providing us with the rich context around the history, language, and nuances of the art of Capoeira.”
"Kiara Ann They look like little ninjas cx but yet so peaceful" Student comment after watching the roda treno 


In this Faces of Mt Scott video Capoeira Angola Palmares is seen integrated into the classroom setting.



The Capoeira Angola Palmares of FoPo experience has been an dynamic one at Mt. Scott Learning Centers. Working with a team of 15 students who had never heard of Capoeira, David and his sons Keegan and August have guided students through challenging rhythms and moves and intense discipline. The power of Capoeira has been cultivated through encouragement and validation. Students leave the room feeling accomplished- they know that they've been pushed out of their comfort zone and they can feel themselves getting stronger, both physically and mentally. David provides structure and routine, while also providing us with the rich context around the history, language, and nuances of the art of Capoeira. Mt. Scott is a better place because we've got Capoeira Angola Palmares. The feeling of community is palpable when the Palmarinos are in the house. 



WTF - 2014

Clip with WTF Playshop clips in it

Justice - Instr Baliea Branco

Justice McPherson

Testimonio: I started training with Esquilo in college. I had been studying Capoeira from a succession of several teachers, and I felt I had a good grasp on what I was doing.


The first time I trained with Esquilo, I felt as though I had just learned more in those two hours than I had in a year of training. He was able to break the movements down and make them make sense, where other teachers had just had me doing calisthenics. Under his guidance, I was able to develop my skills in ways that made sense as sport, art, and martial art. I didn't just learn how to kick and do flashy movements, I learned how to use my entire body. I would recommend him as a teacher to anyone I know, and I still remember him as the one who taught me the most."

Instr Jesse Lucky

Grande Mestre No e Monitor Jesse Lucky
Grande Mestre No e Monitor Jesse Lucky

"I was introduced to the art of Capoeira Angola many years ago when David was teaching a beginner's Capoeira class at Portland Community College. Over 10 years later and living on the other side of the ocean now I am still a student of the art and consider David one of my closest and dearest friends and teachers. If you want to have a great time or just meet an awesome group of people I highly recommend you check out a class."  - Jesse Lucky

Ryan - Instr Coelhoide

I started capoeira in the first week of October 2010. I was introduced to it by my friend Clint. I had never heard of it before, but it stuck with me because of the AWESOME people in the Palmares group.  I also liked the kicks and continuous movement of the game. I'm going to start college in DC in the fall and plan to continue practicing capoeira with Universal.  Thanks Dave for connecting me with them and for introducing me to capoeira! You are a great teacher.


(Coelhoide now lives and trains in Salvador Bahia Brazil while finishing his undergraduate studies)

Keegan - Prof Lenhador

I am David's son, Keegan. I grew up around Capoeira and started to actually practice in the 7th grade at age 12. It is entwined into my daily life because even the most basic of tasks is subconscious Capoeira and because I was raised under the mentallity of Capoeira. 


My father has taught me to take Capoeira to the next level and apply it to more than just movement and music. I now can play Capoeira within a conversation, seeing which direction I can push another's oppinion or mood. I have also learned to play Capoeira within my self in order to reevaluate myself and my mental state.


If you take a class you may notice that Capoeira goes all the way down to your soul and changes the way you see yourself and others. You will notice yourself being able to interact with strangers in a more fluid and open manner.


Capoeira is also obviously great for your health. Again, it's more than just what you see physically. It will help you find peace of mind and help your relationships with others creating a sense of all around well being.

Andreina - Instr Fenix Negra

I was introduced to capoeira in 2003 when Dave was teaching in a little studio on E. Burnside.  I got back into it in 2009 and Dave welcomed me back enthusiastically.  I continue practicing with Palmares because Dave focuses on movement, defense, attack, and MUSIC! He lets you explore and build on your strenghts and is an incredibly dedicated instructor. He is also a great friend!

Ashley - Instr Carnaval

Ashley on pondeiro
Ashley on pondeiro
Playing Capoeria opens your mind and body up to the free flowing energy that encompasses us all and everything, giving you a feeling of connection to it all in a time where disconnection is seen as civilized.

Jim - Prof Superohomen

Superman de Mestre No
Superman de Mestre No

I had never felt like I was graceful until I began playing Capoeira. I learned so much more from David at an informal “club” at PSU than I did at the Class that I paid to go to. I gained so much confidence in my ability to sing and move I  decided to audition for a play  and was cast in a lead role in “The Hostage.” I accredit my success to the momentum that began with taking a chance with Capoeira. I try to go in with the attitude that I can learn anything, one day that will include playing a bow and singing in Portuguese beautifully. I am blind and I love that I can use the strategies to block obstacles I was unaware were present.

Jackie 'Suspeicao' H

Suspeicao de Cristo
Suspeicao de Cristo

"My sister and I knew very little about Capoeira Angola when we first started together. We had never seen a martial art that involved music, singing, and dance-like movements; everything was new to us. 

Fortunately, with Dave as our teacher, and with friends to guide us, we began to understand the intricacies of the game, and even its implications in our lives. As a result, Capoeira not only taught us new skills, but also played a role in shaping our character and way of thinking.

Learning to play Capoeira has been challenging, rewarding, and most of all, fun. It has made a significant impact on my life and has helped me to develop a mindset of hard work and perseverance that I will carry with me for as long as I live."

Angelina 'Cutia' H

Cotia and gata
Cotia and gata

" I started practicing capoeira with my sister almost a year ago, and I have learned so much from it. Capoeira is a combination of precision and fluid motion, that promotes creativity as well as discipline. There are many different levels and depths to the sport; I figure out something new every time I come to practice! I am so grateful to have Dave as my teacher as well as having so many awesome friends to practice with."




2015 -


Dear Esquilo Cinza(aka Dave),

It has been a really long time! It has been hard to stay in touch ever since Jackie and I got rid of our Facebook accounts, started college, and moved to Texas with our family. A lot has happened in the past few years and it looks like Capoeira Angola Palmares has continued to blossom in Portland thanks to your consistent work, but the main reason I wanted to contact you was so that I could thank you on behalf of both Jackie and myself for training us physically and mentally through Capoeira. We have always appreciated all the time and effort you invested in teaching us, but I think only recently we fully understood the significance of capoeira in our lives.

After we ended our training with you, we began to pursue powerlifting. Our dad used to be an elite level powerlifter when he was younger, and when he decided to start lifting weights again, we also began going to the gym with him. We became hooked on powerlifting very quickly, and over the past few years we have both improved significantly, and even have some world records in the bench press.

Capoeira prepared us for powerlifting in more ways than we could have imagined. Arching one's back during the bench press helps tremendously, and because of the numerous back bridges we practiced from capoeira, our flexibility is greater than any of the powerlifters we know. Without having such flexibility in our backs, it would have been impossible for us to set the bench press records we did; I have bench pressed 203 pounds weighing 95 lbs, and Jackie has benched 243 lbs weighing only 120 lbs.

Secondly (and perhaps more importantly), capoeira gave us the mental DISCIPLINE necessary for powerlifting. Despite how intense a powerlifting workout can be, we still think that some of our training sessions with you were the hardest workouts we have ever gone through in terms of endurance. Before we trained with you, I had never felt so exhausted (and sweaty!); I had always thought I was somewhat disciplined, but capoeira completely raised my standard of hard work and dedication. No matter how hard powerlifting training gets, we know that we can always push ourselves beyond our perceived capabilities, because capoeira continually forced us to do so.

I could go on forever about the different ways capoeira helped us in life, but I know that you are very busy teaching, innovating, and being an awesome dad. I'm sorry that I didn't fully understand the value of capoeira when I trained with you, but now I am forever grateful for everything you taught me as both an instructor and a friend.


Angelina Hong (aka Cutia)

Robert H

"David was my daughters' Capoeira instructor, and I was very pleased with his professionalism, dedication, caring, expertise, character, and integrity. My girls were home schooled and I would rarely trust them with any other teacher, but not only did they learn martial arts, but also culture and a foundation of hard work, toughness, discipline, and friendship. I would trust him in any endeavor he undertakes."

David Jackson

"Excellent teacher"

Michael - Instr Casa Nova

David Allison is a trustworthy, dedicated, and talented professional. I look forward to working with him again in the future. I would recommend his business to anyone."
Andreina "Fenix Negra" Velasco & Clint "Aneis" Rollock practicing music for rythmic kicking at Foster Fitness Jungle Gym. Photo Care Of POCASA Photo Care Of POCASA Mt Scott Community Center Escudo Bandeira da cidade de Portland @ Heuk Choo Kwan Muye Aula @ Third Eye Jitz/Noel's Jungle Gym @ Lents Commons Coffee House @ Lents Commons Coffee House Mt. Scott Mt Scott Community Center Mestre Gulliver's National Roda 2007 Third Eye Jitz/ Noel's Jungle Gym Body Building Third Eye Jitz Carnaval on Pondeiro Bondeira de Cidade Jogo de dentro, joga de fora Close one