Mestre Nozinho Branco Azul Pormotion

Nozinho — Master of the Capoeira Angola Palmares School. He received his first capoeira lessons at the age of three from his father, the legendary Mestre Nô, founder of the school. Mestre Nô gave Nozinho a unique technique that has its roots in the authentic and daring capoeira of the streets and the periphery of Salvador.
In 2002, Nozinho started teaching capoeira to children at the academy founded by Mestre Nô. Since then, he has accumulated vast experience and developed his own method of teaching capoeira to children, including those with special needs.
In 2007, Nozinho started working in Italy, participating in workshops and seminars organized by the Italian branch of the Capoeira Angola Palmares school. In Italy, Mestre Nozinho's classes gained great popularity among students.
In 2009, Clube INBI invited Mestre Nozinho to go to Moscow for a permanent job. Nozinho decided to leave Italy for an interesting job in Russia, and Russian capoeiristas had a unique opportunity to study the original style of capoeira Angola from the periphery of Salvador.
 Mestre Nozinho created the Russian group Capoeira Angola Palmares, which became a member of the international Palmares family and is respected among capoeiristas around the world.
In the capital of Moscow, Nozinho actively works with adults and children. In the classroom, they study the technique of capoeira Angola, achieve harmonious physical development, learn the tactics and strategies of capoeira, master acrobatic elements, develop a sense of rhythm and, in addition, grow as individuals, learn to make friends, interact with people and enjoy life. Nozinho's teaching skills are greatly appreciated by the parents of his young students. Capoeira accessible to all is one of the main principles of the Capoeira Angola Palmares school.
In August 2014, Nozinho received the white Cordel Ponta Verde de Mestre from his father and main mentor Mestre Nô. The graduation took place at Academia de Capoeira Angola Palmares in the region of Salvador - Bahia. This event can be considered the greatest appreciation of his skill and the work that Mestre Nozinho did during his years in Russia and around the world.
In 2018, Mestre Nozinho received a new graduation from his father and a new status as a second level mestre in the Capoeira Angola Palmares school system. More than a hundred students attended the seminar and the string exchange ceremony.
In 2022, Mestre Nozinho returns to continue the studies and improvement of Capoeira Angola in Brazil for a period of one year and for everything he has been doing for Afro-Brazilian culture in many countries of the world, his Father and Mestre on August 6th, 2022 makes him a big surprise at the International Seminary of Capoeira Angola Palmares in Salvador, graduating Cordel Branco Ponta Azul, being the penultimate graduation of the School's system.
In addition to working with his Russian students, Mestre Nozinho also works internationally. He regularly attends seminars in Italy, Japan, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the United States and Brazil.
Mestre Nozinho organizes large international meetings in Moscow. Mestre Nozinho continues the tradition of his father Mestre Nô and today he is one of the main Mestres of the Capoeira Angola Palmares school, which has branches in Brazil, USA, Great Britain, Italy, Russia, Japan, Mozambique, Israel, Australia, Ecuador and other countries.