Contra Mestre Esquilo Cinza

Esquilo Cinza (David Allison)
Esquilo Cinza (David Allison)

Cinzento (David Allison) started studying and playing Capoeira in Portland Oregon in 1992 under Mark Verna. In 1998 Esquilo (David) was asked to teach adults for Capoeira Angola Palmares and create a formal study group as one of three local facilitators. He joined Grupo Capoeira Angola Palmares to deepen his understanding of intermediate game play. For many years Esquilo taught a beginner class for Portland Community College and the Park Rose Sun Community High School evening program. During this time, Esquilo also lead the Capoeira Angola Club at Portland State University and the study group for Grupo Capoeira Angola Palmares. Esquilo is noted for his patient yet thorough teaching style. He trains and teaches under the guidance of Grande Mestre No, Mestre Nozinho, & Mestre  George Palmares. 

Outside of Capoeira Angola Esquilo spends his time as a parent, grand parent, solar energy consultant and hobbyist in cryptocurrency

Mestre Gulliver has had to step away from Capoeira Angola to take care of his family during this time of Covid-19 - We wish him all the best for his family spread in multiple countries and across two states and for himself.  We hope to see him in the roda in the future.