If You're Sat On: Shrimping to Composso & Beyond

Contra Mestre Lagartixa with Special Guest Mestre Axé


  • Contra Mestre Lagartixa of Capoeira Angola Palmares is also a Mestre Henrique "Lagartixa" Santana of Gracie Barra Brazilian Juijitsus
  • He teaches in London and Dubai
  • He has won the UFC MMA fighting championship in his wieght-class
  • His in-depth knowledge of both Capoeira Angola Palmarino Methodology and Bracie Barra Juijitsus Methodology lends to his experience in the necessity of the zoom class topic.

Mestre Lee Axé is Lagartixa's Mestre in Capoeira Angola and the long time student of Grand Mestre Norival Moreira de Oliveira "Mgestre No.


This Zoom workshop was specifically requested by Esquilo Cinza for his student group.  He and Mestre Lagartixa decided to open it to all who find value in the topic of transitioning between art forms for different reasons.  


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